Our Mission Statement:

Through collective and collaborative means, enhance, improve and advocate for positive change in the service delivery system for people with disabilities.

What is NDACP?

The North Dakota Association of Community Providers is a state-wide association whose membership provides a wide range of services for people with disabilities – Developmental, Intellectual, Mental Health, and Physical.

Who is NDACP?

Our membership is made up of North Dakota companies that are owned, operated and governed by Boards of Directors to provide services specifically for people with disabilities. In addition, our membership roster includes other non-corporate entities that function to support the goals and objectives of the Association.

What does NDACP do?

Our Association strives to stimulate public interest and understanding. We share information, expertise and develop and enhance special programs. We conduct research and studies, promote advocacy and are a proactive liaison with governmental agencies on behalf of all North Dakota citizens with disabilities.

Executive Committee

For a listing of our Executive Committee please click here.